Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Barcelona, numero uno

The first of several photos I'm planning on publishing that were taken during a school trip to Barcelona. This is the Arc de Triomf in the centre of the city. The Arc was "the gateway to the famous 1888 Expo World Fair and there are statues of women on the sides of the arch, symbolising fame. There are other detailed stone carvings and also a coats of arms, which represents all of the Spanish provinces, with Barcelona in the centre."**

Perhaps not as famous as its Parisian cousin, this monument is still a wonder to behold. I like this picture for a number of reasons. One, it was taken whilst crossing the road, and so it was a relief to see it turn out so well. Two, the monument itself is rather nice to look at. And three, the mixture of early morning (well, 10am) traffic and slight haze reminds you that, despite the trees, wide roads and lovely arch, Barcelona is still a modern city with all the issues that that entails.

All in all, this is a favourite of mine, and is but one of many photos that I took during my time in Spain.


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Tia said...

I love this. Seriously.