Monday, 15 December 2008

Monument Valley

So, I stumbled upon this site here and it reminded me of my trip to the USA to visit the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley (pictured here). At the time I was semi-obsessed with native American culture, so the trip truly fascinated for my young self.

As I'm writing this the guy who occupies town centres dressed in 'native American' clothing (not sure if it's real or not) is serenading me via the CD I bought in ASDA the other week... it's very relaxing and evocative, and, in fairness to him, seems to be well made. No doubt the perfect accompaniment to this blog and trip down memory lane...

I would highly recommend visiting this part of the world as the scenery is stunning! I intend to upload a few more photos from that trip in the future as a lot of them are snapshots of lovely places.

This particular shot, which encompasses the most famous skyline outside of New York, really conveys the space of the American mid-west... A lot of movies have been shot in this location and you can see why: it is typical cowboy scenery.

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babooshka said...

That's a fabulous scenic view. Believe me the photographer takes the photos the camera just helps.