Sunday, 14 December 2008

Best Day of my far

Photo of the summer! This was taken on 'results day' this year, shortly after we'd all received our A Level results. The sun came out and my friends and I disappeared off to the pub (as you do) and had lunch. If it sounds very un-studenty then don't you worry - we went out that night and had a brilliant time! In fact, I'll upload a photo from the night as well...

As you can see, the night was one of much joy and plenty of booze...! Somehow I was still able to hold the camera upright which is perhaps a greater achievement than completing A Levels.

The reason I've chosen these photos today is partly because it's grey and wintery outside, so it's nice to remember that beautiful day, and partly because it's a strong reminder that being a youth in Britain is not all about stabbing people and having no aspirations. My friends and I earnt that day!

But mostly I just like the photos...!

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